*This post has been republished from old website; originally published May 2013

Though we've been in our new (to us), old home for a few months, I've been dying to get started on making the place ours. First up: the main bathroom! Why? Because it was the first paint color Kris and I could agree on. :)

First, a little background on the house. Built in 1959, our super cute little mid-century home has only had one previous owner. While he was born and raised here, it became pretty obvious after we moved in that he made a lot of quick fixes, not lasting repairs. That's where we come in. So far we haven't made any major changes, just added an alarm system, mending the fence (another post (pun intended) for another time) and added a beast of a garbage disposal.  

Back to the WC. Here's the before picture.

When we first moved in, I replaced the toilet seats in both bathrooms for obvious cleanliness reasons. Next up was sealing up the tub area, which was a mess. Unfortunately, about a month or so ago, I re-caulked the whole tub, using silicone caulk, leading to....

Lesson #1 in DIY home repair


Sure, it has its uses, like perhaps around a sink, but do not use this anywhere that'd you like to paint. I spent an entire evening painstakingly removing this stuff, which really only yields to sweat and grunting and takes a sizable amount of the drywall with it. I ended up finding a paint-friendly kitchen/bath caulk that did the trick. 

After spackling, sanding, prepping, etc. I set out to paint! Personally, I love painting. I find it very cathartic. I used Sherwin Williams Harmony Interior paint (zero VOCs!) in Frank Blue.

I soon realized one major problem with painting in this room. The walls have a very thick, wavy texture to them, which I'm not a fan of. Several of my knuckles concur. What really annoyed my slight OCD was that there was absolutely no way of getting a smooth clean line where the wall met the ceiling. It'd be like trying to paint a clean line over a mountain top.

My solution: paint a 3" border on the ceiling! I still have some touch-ups to do to the cabinets and trim, but overall, first round of painting complete.

I removed all the old plastic towel rods, etc. and replaced them some brushed silver ones I've had for years. Then, I cut a shower curtain in half and sewed up the seams to create the drapes. After all the final decor and details, here's the new bathroom! 

One of my favorite things is how the old radiator cove fits back-up toilet paper perfectly! 


See the 3-inch ceiling border detail, below. :) 

Special thanks to my dad for finding the Van Gogh reprints at a garage sale way back when and to my cousin, Chris, who gave me the cute matroyshka nesting doll set, from his trip to Russia years ago. 

Hope you enjoyed the first renovation done to the house; more to come!