Just a fun-lovin' lady who loves to sew

Silly seamstress

I’m Melissa, just a fun-loving lady who loves to sew. And binge-watch Harry Potter, with a takeout container of Pad Kee Mao and a single-malt whiskey.

I consider myself lucky that my mother and grandmother taught me how to sew when I still running around in my Strawberry Shortcake pajamas. My youthful fling with sewing has now blossomed into a Shakespearean romance. My passion for all things eco-friendly and sustainable naturally overflowed into my sewing and thus, EcoSewn, née EcoArmoire, was born. With EcoSewn, I strive to create a unique, affordable and versatile line of sewn goods to accommodate those who take pride in how their apparel and accessories are produced.

When not stitching away, I can be found: refinishing mid-century end tables I picked up off the side of the road, trying to accompany myself on piano while impersonating Ella Fitzgerald, planning schematics for an organic veggie garden, and spending lots of time with friends and family (aka guinea pigs for new products).

EcoSewn can occasionally be located at local markets throughout the spring and fall.